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Graduates of the Community Youth Project

May 25, 2023 was the end of our 6 month pilot program of the Community Youth Project (CYP). The participants "graduated" by receiving their certificates of completion and getting one last ride on the mustangs. Many of the participants had school projects due and could not make it to receive their certificate, but everyone still had a great time at our last session for the first 6 months. We hope to see them again at later program dates.

They learned all about horsemanship during this program and gained so much confidence in themselves. Many parents reported their kids doing better in school, being more respectful, and seeming happier overall. This program was a huge success and we cannot wait to work with the youth of Fresno City again!

Thank you to Fresno EOC and Advance Peace for partnering with us on this program. A special thank you to SOAR Environmental Consulting for sponsoring the rental of the facility!

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