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Meet The Herd


Monroe was acquired from the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Sale Authority list in July 2015. As our first wild mustang, she serves as the official ambassador for The RIDE Foundation.

Rowdy was acquired by the organization in September 2018 and is a 23 year old BLM mustang. He is such an asset to the program due to his sweet nature and good disposition. Due to his age and retirement status, he can only be used for light riding and the introductory stages of horsemanship. He is also often found in our petting zoo.


Rusty was acquired through a private party in November 2016. After a significant amount of rehabilitation, the "Mighty Rustbucket" has become a great member of our herd and is utilized in many of our programs.


Titan was acquired by the organization in November 2018. He is a 12 year old BLM Mustang, that works to assist people with emotional trauma. He is currently in our Veterans Program.


Flower is a horse that we have had the privilege to care for and utilize throughout many aspects of the organization over the past four years. She is a 16 year old Appaloosa mare that loves kids and is very easy going.  She is the perfect horse for much of our nonprofit and you can find her at many of our events.


Kyna is a mustang that came to us after an injury that made her no longer rideable.  She hadn't been worked with in a while and it made her the perfect candidate for our newest additions to our veterans programs.  She has graduated to our youth programs and is now loved by many of our program participants & staff alike.

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Petting Zoo Friends

The Pups


In loving memory of Hobby

In loving memory of Joey

In loving memory of Bella

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