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Equine Services


Colt Starting/Restart

Colt starting in the process of starting a young horse & preparing them for a saddle.  We primarily utilize principles from Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, & Buck Brannaman. These allow us for a steady flow into the saddle and make it an easier transition for both the horse and for the person.  

Restarting a horse is for horses that maybe don't have the ground work or saddle work that you want but they have had some in the past.  Maybe they need to brush up on walking with a halter or cantering under saddle - maybe they just need some ground manners.  We will teach them all of these principles and more. 

During both of these processes, we will work with both you and your horse.  That way you can learn what the horse is learning and keep enforcing what he/she has learned while here.

$1200 per month, including feed, with 60 days minimum. Owner must come at least once a week to learn what their horse is learning and how to enforce boundaries at home.  $30 for one class per week or $80 for 3 per week.

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Rehabilitation is for horses that have severe injuries, muscular issues, or other physical issues.  This is vet supervised care and implemented by our founder and CEO.  Pricing and length of time depend on veterinary recommendations.

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